Churchdown Photographic

Welcome to the Churchdown Photographic home page.

Tutors: Leigh Preston FRPS and Pete Johnson LRPS

Thank you for your interest in our group. Although we no longer have regular meetings or tuition sessions, we still meet occasioanlly for social and informal photograhic opportunities.

Regrettably we no longer use Flickr because our Flickr group has had some images stolen and used without permission.
We still have a Facebook page which is a closed group, and is managed by Christine.

Pete and Leigh would like to say a big thank you to all of you for your support and patronage over the years. While we no longer run tuition sessions, we're still around to offer friendly advice and support with your photography.

*** Special thanks to Greg for organising the zoom meetings throughout the pandemic. ***

*** ***

We will be expected to maintain good COVID procedures including sanitising hands and desks, and masks are welcome.
We expect to keep the windows open to help ventilate the room so please wear warm clothing.

Look after yourselves, stay safe, and continue to enjoy your photography. 

Locating STRS: Use this link to locate the school. The school has a new automated gate system. We will be using the usual gate, which is now designated as Gate 1, and we will meet in the new building on the left.

If you know of any events that you wish to share with the group please email Pete with details so he can add them to the Other Events page.

Remember to virus check anything you download.

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