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Tutors: Leigh Preston FRPS and Pete Johnson LRPS

We provide photographic tuition and inspiration for photographers of all abilities and backgrounds. Please use the Course Overview link to find out more...

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We meet at Sir Thomas Rich's School, GL2 0LF, on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm.

Next meeting: Weds 28th Feb
Welcome to 2018. Course content for the Spring term is now available.

Locating STRS: Use this link, and to locate the meeting room, this is a jpeg aerial view with the room circled in green. The green arrow indicates the entrance you should use (main entrance is in blue).

*** Weds 28th Feb  ***

We will work on another set of "awkward" images to extract the best we can from them. There will also be a chance to view some of your images from the past couple of weeks.
With freezing weather predicted, please do take care! If the weather does turn nasty we would rather run an extra session some other time than suggest you risk a dangerous journey.

If you have an "awkward" image that you need inspiration or help dealing with then please bring it to share. We aim to work on one or two such images in each session where we can.

Please note: We have managed to keep the overall cost the same at £75 for the term.
However, there is a change to the "per session" fee to help ensure we can meet our upfront costs. From Januray 2018, the fee per session will now be £10 for the first seven sessions you attend in a term, with a single further fee of £5 to cover the remaining sessions.

If you know of any events that you wish to share with the group please email Pete with details so he can add them to the Other Events page.

Remember to virus check anything you download.

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